Cultivate person, regulate family, govern enterprise, make the kingdom in peace

Author Charles Yeung

The Confucian school proffered a path of life “to study the nature of matters, to acquire knowledge, sincere thoughts, rectified heart, cultivate person, regulate family, govern states, make the kingdom in peace.” To study the nature of matters is to explore the principle and the law of things; to acquire knowledge is to summarize rational knowledge. All the generals and ministers of state have pursued this belief for the past thousands of years.

In order to be a successful enterprise, after sincere thoughts and rectified heart, we must pursue the idea to cultivate person, regulate family, govern enterprise, make the kingdom in peace. What does it mean to cultivate person? Cultivate person is to correct our body, speech, thoughts, and only keep good intentions, speak good words and do good deeds. How to keep  good intentions? We need to learn this: “Do not do to others what you don’t want to be done to yourself.” Put one’s self in someone else’s shoes, imagine we are in his position, and never harbor the intention to harm others to benefit one’s self. Speaking good words means to do our best and learn not to say words that would harm others but benefit ourselves, not say words that would harm the team, not say words that would harm a friendship. Doing good deeds means we should do more to benefit others and us, not do things that would harm others but benefit ourselves, and not do things that would harm others and ourselves. We have to begin from ourselves with the good deeds, and set a good example with our own conduct. Being a good example is better than to speak of precepts. Eventually we will be able to influence others and then people will respect us, recognize us, be willing to join our works, further their career and strive with us to build an excellent enterprise, a great community.

Following the concept to cultivate person is to regulate family, which means to unite the family members. Since the family members’ interests are close, conditions are similar, thus it is easier to come to a common consensus. Therefore we should start this with our family members, form a team and work for the common goals.

After regulate family is govern enterprise, that is to administer a company. When we gradually form a team, we need to learn and study the knowledge of governing an enterprise that includes learning the knowledge in theory and the skills to put it into practice. In order to govern an enterprise, we need to learn the strategy and tactics of how to manage an enterprise, to test and practice strategies, and summarize our advantages and inadequacies, strong points and defects, then we would be able to develop our strong points and advantages, keep the strong points and correct the defects. If we make good plans, carry out and examine them continually, work on them for 10 years as a day, or 30 years as a day, to stand on solid ground to learn and practice, the enterprise will grow healthily, and be gradually prosperous.

After govern enterprise is to make the kingdom in peace, which is to combine other powers, carry social responsibility, work together with others to build and maintain the public interests, make the whole society a peaceful, prosperous community and let it become a great place for everyone to live and work.

In order to become a leader in an enterprise, make the enterprise grow healthily and develop continually, the fundamental merits must go through the six stages of “cultivate person, regulate family, govern enterprise, make the kingdom in peace”. If we don’t cultivate these merits, or don’t do enough work, we can easily deflect from the path, and thus, not be able to reach the destination or be blocked halfway; so it is important to stand on a solid ground and to seek truth from facts. The ancients said, “One minute of performance on stage requires 10 years of efforts.” If we can understand the true reason for it, and sincerely put it into practice, an individual or an enterprise will surely be able to progress in the future competitive society.

The oriental management emphasizes that a person must have the cultivation of dealing with matters and getting along with people. Just as the entrepreneurs at Glorious Sun Enterprises, they all have the qualities of diligence, are willing to be taken advantages of, willing to learn, happy to help people and possess the spirit of responsibility. Once we have the self-cultivation, we can make our family in harmony. Working in the enterprise, the employees would have a sense of security, a sense of belonging. When a family is in harmony, we can unite all family members, lift up the team’s spirit, and govern an enterprise well. If we can govern an enterprise well, we can make an enterprise become a community, provide our employees a better workplace, a better learning place, a better place to develop their abilities. Thus every employee can work together with others to carry the enterprise’ responsibility, social responsibility and allow the whole society to progress continually. This way, our life will be substantial, will be meaningful, and our heart will be happy and healthy.


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