Curative effect of Chinese traditional medicine

Acupuncture + Point Massage + Relieving Tea

The three general symptoms brought by stress are insomnia, anxiety and hypochondria.

Insomnia (neurasthenic): difficulty in falling asleep, unstable, with excessive dreams or nightmares, even pernoctation.

Anxiety (menopause syndrome): aroused by parasympathetic turbulence. Dysmenorrheal, delirium, being irritable and inappetency are the main symptoms. Traditional Chinese doctors suggest using acupuncture, point massage and relieving tea to treat anxiety.

Sweden scientists confirm through studies that the pressing, touching and kneading actions of massage can stimulate human body to excrete more oxytocin, helping release stress, dread and pain. Kneading the point “Three Lunar Meeting” (located at inner ankle, the meeting point of liver, spleen and kidney) can calm you down and modulate incretion.

Three-wheat relieving tea
Material: liquorices 10g, wheat 40g, jujubes 30g, fragrant grass 4g, maimendong 20g, wheat germ 15g, wuweizi 2g, dangshen 12g, a little rock candy. Put the clean materials into 1000cc water, and then boil for 15 minutes.

Wheat germ can help digesting. Fragrant grass helps modulate emotions. Wheat has a kind of slightly cold quality and tastes sweet, soothing nerves. Maimendong is also slightly cold and sweet, helping get rid of tiredness together with wuweizi, dangshen and jujubes. The combination of all the materials can resist stress.

Shortcomings of psychological consultants
Western psychological consulting methods can help relieve feels and get stimulations. But they often bring more troubles and stresses. The shortcomings lie in the following aspects:

1. The treatment is not professional enough for individual privacy.
2. Serious lack of psychological consultants.
3. Psychological consulting remains expensive consumable.
4. Lack of high-qualified consultants in aspects of theoretical basis, technical practice and experience.
5. Psychological consulting cannot reach deep into heart, only analyzing the psychological blind spots. It cannot give the patients more ability to confront the increasing stresses.

Hospitalization of Sentian treatment is divided into four periods: complete in bed, slight work, heavy work, and living training, in which patients will try new living experience under the instruction of doctors in a new environment. Sentian treatment has much Buddhist spirit. He spent ten years in creating a new treatment method different from that of Freud and Jurg times, indicating that there is a vast developing space for the combination of Buddhism and psychological clinic. Patients should honestly face stresses, follow Buddhism, realize their limits and accept the feelings. Escape, oppression and resistance are not effective. Those psychologically healthy persons also feel stressed, but they know how to relieve from stresses. If others need three days to recover from stresses and you only need one day and a half, it means you are psychologically healthier.

The treatment of psychiatrists is the last method after family education, school education, social education, media education and religious education cannot help. At that time, the treatment has been too late, with little effect. This article tries to introduce Buddhist easing method, to change your living purpose and way of life, helping you releasing stress.

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