From Stress Relief to Easing Method of Buddhism(3)

When exercise is over intensified

We are all very busy, and our labor intensity is always too strong, with too fast speed. As for doing exercises, that is not appropriate. If the intensity is too strong from the beginning, you may hurt yourself. If the exercises make the cardiotach beyond the scope of target cardiotach, you are compelling yourself to consume the energy accumulating in your body. That is not appropriate for those who want to lose weight. When the body is consuming sugar other than fat in muscles, the efficiency of losing weight is reduced.

Some people may be working ceaselessly. This is a busy world. People are always running between job, friends, family and other activities, no time to do exercises.
Do not feel regretful for lack of time. On the contrary, everyone should try to make exercises part of life.

If you cannot talk with others while doing exercises, that means the intensity is too strong.
Please remember every stretching action. Slowly begin stretching until feeling a little tense. Deep breathe, relax yourself and go on stretching, until feeling tension again. Again relax breathing until feeling of tension disappears. Last for ten to twenty seconds. Two legs repeat the following actions four times continuously:

Stretching calf
* put the right foot behind the left one and make them on a line
* bend the left leg until the knee is before the toe
* keep the right leg straight, gradually approaching the ground
* shift the leg and repeat the above actions

Holding knee
* lie low, and slightly bend the right knee
* slowly hold the right knee, lift it to chest level, and let the thigh stick tight to the chest
* try to keep the thigh close to the body as possible as you can, to increase the stretching strength
* shift the leg and repeat the above actions

Stretching crural sinew
* lie low, and slightly bend two knees
* slowly hold knees, lift it to chest level, and let the thigh stick tight to the chest
* slowly stretch the thigh straight until feeling tight
* continuously stretch the thigh
* shift the leg and repeat the above actions

Square stretching
* stand on the left foot
* lift the right foot and hold it by the left hand
* press the right foot on the bottom by the left hand until the thigh feels tension
* shift the leg and repeat the above actions

Park your car two blocks away from your office, other than in the parking square of the office building. Thus you can walk for a while twice every day. Those who have pets can walk together with them. You can gradually speed up or increase walking times.

Are you going to order a meal by telephone? Put down the telephone and go to the restaurant yourself.
When you go downstairs, do not use the lift.
Before your meal is brought to the table, go for a walk outside, or visit your friends’, or check your retirement pension in the welfare office.
In subway or on bus, try come out one stop early, and go home on foot.
Try walking upstairs to your office every day, but you should gradually increase the number of storey—especially when your office is on the 39th floor. Try walking for one more storey every day.
Next time you go to a cocktail party, try standing there to talk with others, not sitting at the table.
Do not use the bathroom on the same floor with your office, but use the one upstairs or downstairs.
If you have a push-style weeding machine, give up the ride-style. You can even consider using the old-fashioned push weeding machine (not electronic).
Ask yourself whether you regard exercises as enjoyment or another kind of stress. If you dislike these exercises, it will be very hard to keep on.

Getting rid of the impulse of “fiighting or escaping”
Wandering for half an hour in the park sounds not bad. It helps you calm down after an annoying event happens (like scrapping with your partners). Remember the primitive people mentioned in Chapter one? Hostile actions can arouse people “fiighting or escaping” reactions: no matter whether people demand, a lot of energy will be produced in human body. After something full of stress happens, the hormone of the stress will stay within human body. Doctor Herbert Benson, director of medical laboratory on mind and body of Harvard Dickenson Hospital in Boston, shows in his studies that exercises can consume the adrenalin excreted by human body in “fiighting or escaping” reactions.

Many exercise methods are wrong. From long-term point of view, these methods will leave damages on human body. After reading this book, some people may turn to a high-level expert to help them make a special exercise plan.

Deciding to play baseball or pelota
Exercises are just exercises. No matter whether going along the street to a shop, or playing pelota with old friends, both can relieve the stress. So long as the stress can be relieved, any exercise is good. Just as what the Nike people say: just do it.

To some people, nothing is more distressing than thinking of being shut in a close room, holding a ball as hard as walnut, and facing a rival who urgently wants to beat him down. Some others feel throwing stuff can better relax themselves. One should choose those enjoyable exercises to release stress, other than do those uncomfortable ones to bring bigger stress.

Adjusting feelings
When human brain has to manage many plans and disputes simultaneously, it is hard to keep them in order. Many people think that stress mainly comes from large quantity of workload. If one has another ten things to do at the same time, one cannot focus on the thing on hand.
Under such circumstances, one should leave the office to do some exercises. If there is enough time, one can go to an exercise club to swim or just walk for a while. Try not to take the lift, but go down the walking stairs. When you come back, all the stress in brain will disappear. Sitting in the office again, one can handle with those stuffs better.

Attention Rest and sleep
Those who are more than 35 years old or not healthy enough, better go to consult a doctor before making an exercise plan.

Acquiring return without suffering body aches
If you keep doing exercises regularly every week, you may remember clearly the body aches at the beginning. In fact, if someone gets hurt in exercises, that is because his method is not right.
If you carry out the regular warming up and cooling down actions, it is not quite possible to get hurt. If you feel ache all over the body and muscle tension, that indicates the exercises has been excessive. Hard and aching muscles do not mean that you become stronger, but only mean that you are too busy to do the right warming up and cooling down.
The quantity of heat consumed in walking and jogging is equal.

Alarms in exercises
You need to realize the potential problems probably appearing during exercises, especially when you have not been doing exercises for several years. The following is the alarms reminding you to stop exercises and go to see a doctor.

Over exhaustion
Unusual bone, muscle or ligament problems
Chest ache
Teeth, mandible or ears ache
Slight headache or dizziness
Sickness or vomit
Breathing difficulty
Slowing down or heartbeat speeding up while resting
Turbulence of heartbeat

”Four seasons of one day” recipe: regard one day as four seasons. Morning is spring, so one should work hard in the morning. In the noon one can inspect the morning result to look at the growing up of the day, so that is summer.

In the afternoon, you can slow down to do some tidying. Fall begins from pm 5 olock, and you can leave your job in the company to have a rest or do something you like. After eleven o’clock at night, winter comes. You must go to sleep, in order to face another four seasons the next day. Bill Gates, president of Microsoft Company, is used to lighting up a candle to sit still when he is back home. That is his best enjoyment.

Rest and sleep
Have a rest for a while, not to make stresses piling up. Do not let trifles turn to bigger disasters. You should grasp any chance to relax yourself. You should rest for at least ten minutes during one hour’s work. Pay attention to breath or some simple actions. If you are really too busy to draw ten minutes out, try to get relaxed while staying in the toilet.
When you go back home after one day’s tiring work, avoid doing those exciting and exhausting things, such as surfing the internet, watching TV or continuing work. Abide by the saying “work at sunrise and rest at sunset”. After supper, go for a walk, do some exercises, have a bath and go to bed early. You must not go to sleep until you have felt exhausted, because that kind of sleeping quality must be very bad. You should get relaxed before sleep, in order not to sleep with stress, but quickly go into deep sleep, refresh all the organs and prepare energy for the next day. You should abide by the physical period to sleep and get up early. After getting up in the morning, you had better do some relaxing actions to face the new day’s challenge.

Moderate rest and sleep are crucial to reduce stress, helping people recover from one day bustling and tension, and providing energy to face all the jobs and tasks the next day. Lack of sleep can make people nervous, physically and emotionally anxious, and memorizing ability weaken.
Sleeping quality is more important than quantity. Try to keep a habit of sleeping regularly. Do not nap for too long in the daytime, and do not go to bed feeling over full or starving. Reduce the ingestion of caffeine (cigarette, tea and coffee etc.). Do not get too nervous or exciting before sleep. Sleep can help get rid of exhaustion, improve your status and provide more energy. It can also strengthen immunity and reduce chances of getting ill.

Avoid over exhaustion
People’s absorption of information is increasing rapidly, but human brain’s thinking mode has not adapted itself to such absorbing speed. Thus human brain cannot get balanced between absorption and expenditure. The brain is forced to absorb excessive information, and shows a series of reactions of tension and imposition. The symptoms of “information anxiety” are similar to those of anxiety: paroxysmal nausea, vomit, fuss, neurasthenic and mental frazzles.

Adjustment of diet
Both human body and brain need good nutrition to act efficiently. Healthy diet can improve your feelings on many levels. Ingestion of various kinds of food helps people acquire appropriate nutritional ingredients. Healthy diet provides physical strength to modulate your discomfort brought by stress.
Do not drink coffee, nor eat high-fat, heavy and refined food. Take less sugar and stimulating food.

Reduce the ingestion of caffeine and mono-sugar
Studies show that if one ingests over 750mg caffeine every day, along with increase of sugar ingestion, one will have much more chances to suffer from hypochondria.

Reduce the ingestion of alcohol
Long-term alcohol-addicted people have less secretion of Serotonin and Cate-cholamines, easily leading hypochondria. Some other research reports indicate that ingestion of 250ml wine every day can stimulate the secretion of Serotonin and bring spiritual happiness.
Try to eat food of original flavor. Carefully nibble and slowly swallow to taste food.
Eat a fixed quantity at fixed time.
Focus on your meal while eating. Don’t do other things during dinner.
Eat only when you feel hungry. Don’t let eating influence your feelings.
Some stress-relieving food such as milk and banana contains much tryptophan, a kind of natural relaxing substance, helping improve sleep quality, lighten worries, melancholy and headache, strengthen immunity and form Serotonin.

You can also reinforce the ingestion of vitamin B12, C, E and antioxidant.
Vitamin B group is an extremely important supporting element during the process of producing energy and metabolizing nutrition. Lack of vitamin B group will lead to low energy, exhaustion and difficulty in concentrating. The main ingredient of usual refreshments is vitamin B group.
You should ingest more pure corny food, moderate quantity of muscle, liver, eggs and enough vegetables and fruits, one to two glasses of milk, to get vitamin B group.

Vitamin C is a kind of important antioxidant, accelerating the composition of collagen protein, protecting cells, strengthening immunity and solidifying organizations. Vitamin C comes from vegetables and fruits, especially guavas, oranges and other deep green vegetables.

Vitamin A and E are also important antioxidant, reducing the hurt upon cells. Vitamin A mainly comes from cod-liver oil, liver, milk and deep-colored vegetables etc.

Vitamin E can be absorbed from vegetable oil (especially embryo oil) and deep green vegetables.

Calcium and magnesium are important nerve transmitting substance, more or less helpful for confronting stress. Milk is the best source of calcium, while large quantity of magnesium exists in deep green vegetables.

Although vitamins and minerals have important functions in confronting stress, if the overall nutrition status is not following the principle of balanced diet, the actual functions of nutriment cannot be ensured.

Those who often go out for dinner should follow the principle of less oil, less salt, less sugar and much fibrin. Choose various kinds of food, and ingest nutrition from fresh food, increasing the quantity of vegetables and fruits.

If you cannot acquire enough nutrition from diet, you can select some integrated vitamins as supplement. Pay attention that you should not rely too much upon nutrition supplement, or create imbalance because of excessive supplement. In addition, try to avoid the excitant eating habits, such as drinking black coffee, thick tea, or smoking, which seem to help relieve stress in a short time, but actually destroy physical functions.

Medical treatment and seeking help
You should turn to appropriate medical treatment when you have suffered from diseases of body and mind. If you feel over stressed for a long time and find no way to get relaxed, you should seek for all available social resources as soon as possible. The so-called social resources include emotional support such as being trusted, loved and cared, tangible materials such as job opportunity and loan, and information resource such as suggestions and feedback etc. Your family, friends and colleagues are always most reliable and convenient suppliers of resources. Your teachers, elders, and experienced people can often provide some effective assistance. Professional psychological consultants or social welfare facilities can not only provide consulting service, but also give some tangible help. Generally speaking, do not fight against stress by yourself to leave yourself in an isolated status.

Taking mental treatment medicines can not only oppress and confuse patients?feelings, but also arouse dangerous reactions. Suffering from stress means experiencing painful emotions, but at that time people still need healthy brain and mind. Using medicines may lead our serious reliance upon nonego, loss of basic instinct and damage of our physical rules. Physically medicines have bad side effects upon liver and kidney, and more seriously, they make you ignorant of your true feeling and where the feeling comes from. They slow and mix our basic emotional signals.

Our emotional reactions depend on our brain functions. Human brain is complicated and delicate, easily attacked to be disorganized by medicines. Sometimes it brings us wrong ositive?information, such as artificial happiness or euphoria, when actually we are in some dissatisfactory or frustrated status, even facing great danger. Sometimes it brings us negative?information, making us distressed, disappointed and upset, prone to commit suicide or violence. (Please refer to the book “Crazy about medicines” by Taiwan News Press for further information.)

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