The Essential Techniques of Innovation

Author Charles Yeung

Translated by Soula Lo

When young people enter society, they need to learn and train for many things in dealing with matters and to get along with other people. Among these trainings, there are a total of eight main techniques: Three disciplines, three key elements, one introspection, and one organization.

The three disciplines are: First, avoid laziness, and get rid of inertia. When we go to work, we need to remind ourselves daily: that we should not be lazy at work, should not evade our responsibilities and ask others to complete our jobs, should not resort to dubious shifts to further our interests, and should not seek to gain private ends in public cause and be lazy in our proper business.

The second is to avoid scattering. Scattering means setting up too many goals, overthinking, and then becoming unrealistic. The third is to avoid pride. As the common idiom said, “Modesty makes men improve themselves; pride makes men fall behind others.” We should not be proud and smug for small achievements. Furthermore, we also need to maintain the three key elements:

First element, be diligent; do not be sluggish. As the old saying said, “Diligence creates achievement; fooling around creates fruitlessness.” We need to take work seriously, and plant our feet on solid ground.

Second element, be focused. Focus on work and stick to the plans. Gather our spirit, our time and our resources, as the formidable military strategy stated, “Gather all powers and fight a war of annihilation.”

Third element, be modest. The priority of learning is modesty. Confucius said, “Do not feel ashamed to ask and learn from our subordinates.” When Confucius had something he didn’t understand, he would ask other people, even if those people’s status and knowledge were lesser than his, and he wouldn’t feel ashamed, but would still ask questions modestly. Modesty can help us greatly in our career. If we learn everything with modesty and be diligent, then after a couple of years, we certainly will gain achievements.

Other than the three disciplines and three key elements, we still need introspection.

Introspection is a very important ability, also a must-have ability for the improvement of enterprises. Introspection includes examining the past, alerting the present, and planning the future. The employees of enterprises should spend some time in introspection before they go off duty. Think about these matters: How are we doing for today’s work? What’s the work still left unfinished? Is there any work missed out this week? What needs to be done next week? And continue to do self-examination every day, every week, and every month. Have it become a good habit, and then we should be able to be aware of the problems and complete the omitting jobs.

In addition, the element of success still needs an organization. A country, a political party, a company’s element of success depends on organization. Take Buddhism as an example: the Buddhist three jewels, Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, one of the jewels is Sangha organization, which means the associated groups. Gather the manpower, so the organization can develop in a large scale and grow strong. For the operation of enterprises, organization means to use the company as a platform to bring out the team spirit. In modern society, people emphasize division of labor and sincere collaboration. Because, when the working process is divided into more detailed and more specialized sections, it will increase the speed and efficiency. In order to achieve full efficiency and benefits, it depends on the cooperation of every member. Everybody should be understanding and give way to each other, help each other. If someone makes a mistake, we should not blame him or complain about him, but strive to understand and remedy the situation. Only through this way, we can be well-coordinated¸ and form a team spirit. With the team spirit, we will have cohesive affinity and then have the power to solve problems.

 “One thousand miles start from under feet.” If we have only belief without action, we will never arrive at the destination, so action is the first step toward success. “Combine knowledge and action and work smart on the business.” If we can be more mindful in daily life and our jobs, and have our feet on solid ground, eventually we will be closer to the target of success.


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